Biodroga Daily Impure Moisturiser


Also for combination skin the normalisation of the sebum production and keratinisation is a significant aspect. Skin should, however, not dry out.
This product contains the ingredient Derma Membrane Complex – DMC does not form a barrier for ingredients.
It is a similar to the skin, intelligent ingredient vehicle system which perfectly brings the ingredients into the skin and consequently increases their efficiency.

Salicylic acid, BioEcolia, D-Panthenol, Codiavelane, Hyaluronic acidAloe Vera is rich in amino acids, enzymes and several mineral salts.
– Optimal skin tolerance due to its skin-similar structure.
– Improves skin├ö├ç├ûs balance and protective barrier.
– Helps skin in different ways to fulfil its tasks.
– Supports the cell structure of skin.
– Has a smoothing and soothing effect.

Mornings and evenings, apply to cleansed skin.
(Impure, dry skin needs moisturizers, protection against moisture loss, grooming and soothing components and a strengthening of its protective barrier. With the right support, the disturbed skin metabolism can be stabilized again.)

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