BiodrogaMD Clear + Anti Aging Care for Impure Skin


Impure, mature skin demands more from care.
Besides the countering of impurities, anti-aging ingredients are the centre piece.
Vitamins are a significant element of this anti-aging care.
Besides the radical scavenger vitamin E, encapsulated retinol is one of the powerful ingredients.
The liposomal encapsulation improves the bio-availability and penetration ability of vitamin A.
It provides for a retarded ingredient delivery and a longer lasting effect.

DMC – Derma Membrane Complex, salicylic acid, Bioecolia, D-Panthenol, thistle oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E acetate, Codiavelane, Scleroglucane Vitamin A – encapsulated Retinol
– Anti-Aging effect with retard effect
– The retarded ingredient delivery increases the bio-availability of vitamin A
– Improves the cell-division rate and rebuilds skin
– Has a positive effect on the keratinisation process

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