Mela White Vit C Serum


Special care for an even pigmentation


Special formula for skin lightening
Inhibits the melanin production and rebalances hyperpigmentation
Promotes the collagen synthesis
Lends moisture and has anti-oxidative properties

Precise application by pipette
Free from parabens, mineral oil, PEG-derivates and colorants
Absorbs quickly and leaves no unpleasant film
Contains no hydroquinone or kojic acid
Best possible results in combination with MELA WHITE DAY CREAM
For a radiant and even complexion
Main ingredients

Special combination of vitamin C + vitamin C glucoside
Directions for use

Apply the serum mornings and evenings after cleansing on the skin areas affected. During the daytime MELA WHITE DAY CREAM with SPF 20 should be applied on top.


Direct UV-radiation should be avoided.
Always apply the serum in combination with MELA WHITE DAY CREAM.
We recommend the application for 3 months.
In combination with GREEN PEEL Herbal Peeling Mela White treatment the best possible results are achieved (6 treatments in intervals of 2 weeks each).
Size: 30 ml bottle

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